TAAS’s Ethos

TAAS values
TAAS’s values dress a custom form of processing services, meaning that each of these concepts are based on the following pillars: Technology – Approach – Art – Specificity and so we talk about TAAS approach in each of the actions that we run. Based on these general concepts and the TAAS approach, we develop the values that we promote:
1. Providing optimal expertise, skills and experience
2. Pro activity
3. Respect for human resource
4. Social Responsibility
5. Ethics and Integrity
6. The joy that brings a well done job
7. Free dissemination of knowledge

How TAAS acts
TAAS acts in an integrated manner and with respect for the values that we have through the materialization of the following concepts:
1. Specialized human resources
2. Knowledge
3. Open to new
4. Availability
5. Customized services
6. In time delivery
7. Specific Deliverables