Technical Assistance and Advice Structure through Consultancy

TAAS Consultancy is a young company that has emerged in response to the market need for quality services specific niche areas of technical assistance and strategic management consulting.

The founder, who is a senior consultant with expertise in strategic planning, regional development and implementation of business ideas, projects and procedures, ensures the services we promote and develop with references and name that she has. The expertise acquired is due entirely to her mentors within the meaning of know-how that she has achieved and the context in which it was capitalized.

Now it is her turn to develop further more new ways and new approaches in order to create at least the same context for other interested in evolution people and bring added value to each action in which TAAS is going to be involved.

So, TAAS means respectful gratitude on professors that gave the instruments, context and time to materialise  the construction Technology – Approach – Art – Specificity.