Advice private, public and NGOs beneficiaries in the implementation of procurement procedures


Procurements in general and public procurements in particular are a very disputed domain, mainly because of its importance; in order to understand why we affirm this we have to underline that procurements are the fundamental process that govern all the intervention of purchasing goods, works and services in the free market in all sector (private, public, NGOs, civil society) under specific rules and policies on specific arias generating regional, national or international impact.

In Romania, the legislative environment is changing very fast, but generally is very good harmonised with EU procurements policies. However, taking into consideration the economic crises and the political society, we can say that the procurements are in the process of maturation following the best international best practice and learning from its own earlier lessons, trying to adapt the procedures and the low in accordance with the identified needs in terms of choosing wise the criteria of evaluation taking into consideration the resources and also the quality of the provided supplies.

Our team of experts has great expertise in procurements at national or international level from two sides of view: from the supplier point of view, generally this one being a private organisation or an NGO, and from Contracting Authority’s point of view, which can be either private organisation, NGO or a public body also, and we put it in your service in order to gain the supplies you need in the most advantageous way possible.