Project Cycle Management for projects funded from non or reimbursable money for private, public and NGOs beneficiaries


Even if PCM is a common field, we believe that we still can bring new attitude in the processes we sustain. Talking about PCM, is like talking about cooking: everybody cooks, but not everybody knows how to cook in order to actively promote health. So the main issue in PCM is the approach, more specifically, the whole connectivity between the phases of the development during lifetime of the project.

Our approach is different than others because has a highly integrated character, not only to the strict levels of the understanding and putting into practice of each phase, but in terms of incomes and outcomes along paths between phases:


The way in which projects are planned and carried out follows a sequence beginning with an agreed strategy, which leads to an idea for a specific action, oriented towards achieving a set of objectives, which then is formulated, implemented and evaluated with a view for improvement of the strategy and further action. The project cycle provides a structure to ensure that stakeholders are consulted and relevant information is available, so that informed decisions can be made at key stages during life of a project.

Looking forward, even in a more complex way, we say that the above approach is the vertical point of view of our approach, but it stands on the horizontal pillars consisting in resources of each type, resources that with good management give the elimination of unnecessary overlaps, aspects that return added value with great care for resources, which later on, may lead to proportional benefits.